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Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and is still one of the most effective. Email marketing allows businesses to reach a large, targeted audience at an affordable cost. However, with more than 300 billion emails sent per day and the average person only spending 10 seconds reading a given email, there is plenty of competition for the inbox amongst businesses.


Despite the saturation seen in email marketing and its widespread use, it’s still extremely important for businesses to use email marketing. For any digital marketing team, it is important to diversify your content creation strategy in order to reach all types of customers. Further, emails provide businesses a way to customize their messages for several use cases such as promotional emails, newsletters, press releases, cold-calling, surveys, and more.


The best SEO London agency agrees that using email marketing is crucial for growing your business in 2022. With the right knowledge and digital marketing strategies, email marketing can become the most cost-effective content creation activity for your business. Here are a few reasons why every digital marketing team should focus on email marketing.


Gain More Customers

While email is considered old, email is still the king of digital marketing. With more than half of the entire global population having at least one email account, it’s practically irresponsible not to leverage email marketing tactics. In fact, more than 40% of people with email accounts are known to check their inboxes at least 20 times a day.


Creating a successful email marketing campaign is straightforward and requires no prior experience. The most important parts of an email should be a strong subject line to entice the reader to open your email, a clear and succinct message within the email, and a Call-To-Action (CTA) that encourages readers to buy your product or service. While perfecting the art of email marketing will take time, since you likely read emails daily, you should have an idea of what works and what doesn’t.


By using email marketing, you can help build your brand story which makes your content more engaging. Engagement is the most important metric when it comes to any digital marketing activity, so making sure your emails are not too repetitive and have value for your customers will help improve your email marketing campaign overall.


Creates Customer Loyalty

With your email marketing campaigns, you should be targeting new, existing, and previous customers. While so many businesses are focused on gaining new customers, it’s easy to forget that getting existing customers to buy more products or services is equally as important.


With email marketing, businesses can target these different groups with different types of emails, while still reaching out on a consistent basis to a large, targeted audience. For instance, businesses can send different types of emails to different groups for the same holiday sales promotion. Doing this will help maximize your customer engagement with your emails.


Another way you can optimize your email marketing campaigns is by creating more engaging and entertaining emails for all your contacts, including new, existing, and previous customers. A popular method for creating highly entertaining emails is by including videos in your email marketing. While it’s not necessary, adding fun and innovative elements to your emails will help increase your email’s engagement and encourage users to open your emails in the future.


The main goal when creating your emails is that you want your readers to continue opening your emails. Each email should be a balance between informative and eye-catching without feeling too much like spam. The more loyal your customer base is, the more likely your business is to grow through word-of-mouth and other means.


Email Marketing Gives Businesses Valuable Analytics

The best tool that digital marketing teams have is customer data. Without customer data, digital marketing teams are merely guessing at what content creation tactics work, who their target audience is and whether their marketing strategies are achieving the desired outcome. One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it provides digital marketing teams with a wide range of customer data points that can be used to optimize content creation strategies in the future.


When looking at an email marketing campaign, businesses can obtain metrics like click-through rates, number of purchases, number of subscribers, and so much more. By comparing these metrics to the types of customers included in an email marketing campaign, businesses can gain extremely valuable insights into who their customers are, what tactics resonate with different customers, and which emails are most effective to achieve various goals.


For instance, by using a simple A/B testing method, businesses can compare the effectiveness of two different types of emails with similar audiences. Let’s say it’s the beginning of the holiday season and you want to test two different email templates to use leading up to Christmas. By using the A/B testing method and sending one email template to one group and the other email template to a similar group, you can determine which email template led to more sales, website clicks, subscriptions, and more. Further, the same logic can be applied to sending the same email to two different groups of people and seeing which group resonated more with that email.


Email marketing allows businesses to gain these insights at a fraction of the cost compared to other methods of obtaining customer data. Compared to customized market research, tv advertising, and other strategies, email marketing is affordable for almost any size of business.


Email Marketing Should be Used by Every Business

Digital marketing experts agree that email marketing should be used by every business. Growing your business is impossible if you’re not using digital marketing strategies to reach new clients and encourage your existing customers to buy more products or services.


By using email marketing, businesses not only reach new audiences, but can learn about what products, services, and marketing strategies resonate with their customers. Email marketing is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated by any digital marketing team.

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