16 Ways To Increase Your Online Presence Through Digital Marketing

As a London-based digital marketing company, Byter cares to educate users on how to succeed with their business, which is why we have created this insightful article with 16 easy and effective ways you can improve your online presence online through digital marketing.

With information about your target audience, digital marketing trends, and more, this post aims to help all marketers and business owners understand how current trends can help their business.

1. Analyse Your Target Audience

In recent months, digital/mobile marketing has skyrocketed. Considering the target audience is essential to develop the most solid online presence; people who work from home and are, for the most part, cut off from their friends and family constitute a great portion of said audience. During this pandemic, the marketing professionals provide not just contextually relevant content but are also flexible enough to react as current audience attitudes shift.

2. Make Your Business A Person First, A Brand Later

If you want to master social media, look around you rather than at your competitors for inspiration. The digital world necessitates a unique tone and attitude. The most successful companies on social media give the impression of having a human behind them. Make sure to create unique brand storytelling your audience can relate to as well as to ensure you establish a strong online presence.

3. Use Only Active Operational Sales Channels

Consumers want to know if your company can still meet their demands, which is why you should concentrate on the sales channels that are open. Further, make sure to evaluate all of your digital marketing communications to ensure that they are focused on those and don’t bring customers to a closed channel. You can either do this job yourself, which can require a bit of time, or leave a professional digital marketing agency like Byter to give you a hand.

4. Having Shareable Content Is A Must

Whether your material is original or curated, make sure it is shareable so it may spread naturally and be remembered. Using varied content to target different segments is more effective than most one-size-fits-all advertisements in this quest. Shareable content is a must to improve your online presence.

5. Optimise Your Website

Not only should you optimise your website content for voice search, but you should also keep an eye on and manage your directory listings such as your Google My Business and other users can access when looking for you.

6. Customer Behaviour Matters

Long-term success can be achieved through a user-centric marketing strategy. It necessitates a thorough examination of user activity on your website and on specific landing pages. You can use this information to tailor your campaigns for better outcomes.

7. Implement Email Newsletters

In both business-to-business and business-to-consumer situations, a very well email newsletter can become a big differentiator. When it comes to relationship communication, email is underutilised. The majority of newsletters are nothing more than sales pitches. It can be very successful to send out an informational email newsletter that is written in the company’s voice and has some personality.

8. Casual Marketing Is The Norm

Brands may use chatbots to develop meaningful relationships with their customers and promote them on a one-on-one basis. Chatbots’ flexibility allows you to personalise your brand and allow people to connect with it in a fun, easy, and beneficial way. Chatbots will allow you to offer and receive information, respond to support requests, schedule appointments, purchase things, and act as a gift guide.

9. Expose Your Social Commitment To Your Audience

Using social media to talk about what you’re doing for society is a terrific approach to expanding your social content. If you’re providing meals to a medical centre or shelter, tell your clients that you’re willing to give back to the community what you earn. This can ultimately boost your social media engagement, which is always a great thing to do for your business.

10. Find A Motivational Employee

Identifying someone in your business who is skilled and enthusiastic about digital marketing and engaging them to drive your company’s practices ahead in new ways. As your company’s digital game improves, support your newly recruited digital expert. This is where building a successful employer branding strategy comes into play and you should definitely take a look at it.

11. Direct Mail Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

Online marketing has grown in popularity as customers spend more time online. The best thing you can do for your digital advertising game is to incorporate direct mail marketing into your marketing plan and cut through the clutter. Retargeting using direct mail can help you capitalise on the interest you’ve created through your digital platforms and increase response.

12. Improve Your Website

Despite popular belief, site performance is important for more than simply SEO, and it has a direct impact on conversion rates. CVR will undoubtedly improve as site speed is improved across all channels, including sponsored media. Site speed is vital for all types of digital marketing, but it is especially important for mobile marketing.

13. For Specific Problems, Specific Solutions

Seek a digital marketing expert and be open about your goals, whether it’s to have them operate as an auxiliary of your team, execute digital marketing with your input, or to have them lay up a foundation while educating a designated employee.

14. Optimise For Mobile Devices

Having a mobile test system is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure success. This ensures that despite the browser or device people are now using, all of the material will appear fantastic.

15. Accelerated Mobile Pages Are The Norm

If your website doesn’t support AMP (accelerated mobile pages), you’ll have a much harder time ranking in Google’s mobile search results. If your business doesn’t have AMP on any of your pages, get someone to create them for you.

16. Update Content Regularly To Your Website

Updating a company’s website is one strategy to increase its digital marketing. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, and update your landing page with current information on a regular basis to increase conversions and sales.

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