Work Coordinator

Design and store editable social media content that fits your brand. Our all in one social media management tool will help you stay organised and grow your online presence. Additionally, it streamlines scheduling and analytics for comprehensive management.

Simplify your social media management as a work coordinator. Create a workflow that is suited to your business.

No matter what kind of business you are, we have the tools for you to create an efficient workflow that will suit you. Additionally, change your approval process from spreadsheets to studio. This will save time with real-time changes, share ideas, and furthermore keep your teams notified quicker.

organise social media

Turn the stress and mess into a structure with our social media management tool for the work coordinator.

Group your pages or locations into segmented workspaces to improve collaboration with comments and shares. Moreover, invite team members to join in and collaborate creatively, thereby fostering better teamwork.

Setup proper permission levels

Decide which of your team members, clients, or locations have rights to add drafts, create posts, schedule, or approve. Limit access to the interface and show only the open comments.

organise social media
organise social media

Say goodbye to bottlenecks

The approve cycle has never looked easier. As a work coordinator, suggest posts for approval straight away in the social media calendar instead of playing email tennis.

Real-time sharing to
improve creativity

In your teams, actively comment on your content before posting. In fact, this enables you to make those slight adjustments, ultimately making a big difference. Get approval from your line-manager, quickly and easily so no more waiting around.

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Simple access with
Single Sign-On

As a work coordinator, facilitate allowing your team to sign in quickly and securely by only using their business email. This ensures all of your corporate data is securely kept in a safe place.