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Payroll is one of the most important core functions of any company. Make sure your organisation has a robust, reliable and accurate payroll system. Byter can help you by organising your Payroll.


Byter can help your business with Payroll and all the accounting needs your business needs. With our payroll software and consulting, we can help you to save time, money, and keep your small business healthy.

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Byter’s Payroll service provides businesses with support in managing payroll and employee compensation.

Payroll Processing: Byter’s team handles payroll processing, ensuring that employees receive accurate and timely compensation.

Tax Compliance: Byter’s team ensures that payroll tax obligations are met, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

Employee Management: Byter’s team provides support in managing employee information, including personal details, benefits, and time off requests.

Customisable Reports: Byter’s payroll service includes customizable reports, providing businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Integration with Other Systems: Byter’s payroll service integrates with other systems, streamlining payroll processes and reducing manual effort.

Byter’s Payroll service provides businesses with the support they need to manage payroll and employee compensation effectively. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to streamline your existing payroll processes, Byter’s team of experienced payroll specialists provides the expertise and technology needed to succeed.

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The Byter Studio will allow you to create unique content directly from our platform. It will allow you to bring your ideas into life and we can work alongside you to make sure your content fits with your brand guidelines and schedule this at the time when they would be most effective.

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We provide cost-effective digital growth that gets people talking. All our services are tailored to your budget and specific needs, and we aim to use your budget as efficiently as possible.

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For all of the services we provide at Byter, it’s all built around you. We focus our services around you and your ideas, to help sculpt them into something which it truly unique and works for your business.


We don’t just do digital marketing and social media services, we live and breath it. We actually love creating and making beautiful social media profiles, designing campaigns, and capturing stunning content.


Effective digital marketing isn’t just a fancy Instagram feed. You need to be pushing out quality content across all channels, and you need a show-stopping website. Our team specialize in all aspects of digital marketing, offering a wide range of services.

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