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Byter can help your business by using Sevenrooms, a guest management system for property, hospitality, and hotels that puts you in control of your brand, your guest relationships and your data.


Sevenrooms is a loyalty and rewards program that allows you to reward your customers by offering them discounts and special access. Byter can help integrate Sevenrooms with your existing reservation system, or develop a custom solution for you.

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With a guest experience & retention platform that gives you total control and oversight of your guests, Seven rooms can help you offer personalised experiences for all of your guests without the need for any additional staff or special expertise. At Byter, we have a lot of experience using this platform, and can help save your business time and money by integrating it.


With delivery and pick-up, reservations, waitlists, events, and mobile orders and payments all directed through the Sevenrooms platform, Byter can help you create a direct digital experience that helps both you and your guests.


Looking to provide your guests with the best experience possible? With on and off-premises operations directed through the Sevenrooms platform, Byter can help you set up efficient systems that drive revenue and increase retention.


Looking to increase guest retention? With our experience using Sevenrooms, we can help you connect deeply with your guests to create relationships and experiences that go above and beyond, converting first-timers into regulars.


Sevenrooms is a powerful email marketing solution that can help you grow your business. With targeted and timely campaigns, we’re here to make sure you stay connected with the people that matter most.

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Seamless SevenRooms Integration

Byter’s SevenRooms service is designed to offer seamless integration for hospitality businesses, ensuring that every aspect of your guest management is streamlined and efficient. Our team of experts works closely with you to integrate SevenRooms into your existing systems, covering everything from reservations and table management to guest profiles and CRM. This comprehensive integration allows you to manage your restaurant or hotel operations from a single, user-friendly platform. By optimising the booking process and improving operational efficiency, we help you enhance the overall guest experience and drive customer satisfaction.

Personalised Guest Experience

Delivering a personalised guest experience is crucial in the hospitality industry, and Byter’s SevenRooms service excels in this area. We leverage the rich data and CRM capabilities of SevenRooms to create detailed guest profiles, allowing you to offer tailored experiences based on individual preferences and past interactions. Whether it’s remembering a guest’s favourite dish, noting special occasions, or customising service based on previous feedback, our approach ensures that every guest feels valued and special. This level of personalization not only enhances guest satisfaction but also fosters loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews.

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Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Effective marketing is essential for attracting new guests and retaining existing ones, and Byter’s SevenRooms service includes developing targeted marketing campaigns that utilise the platform’s powerful tools. We create personalised email campaigns, promotions, and special offers tailored to your guests’ preferences and behaviours. By analysing guest data and segmenting your audience, we ensure that your marketing efforts are highly relevant and impactful. Our goal is to help you increase reservations, boost occupancy rates, and maximise revenue by engaging guests with compelling and timely offers that resonate with their interests.

Data-Driven Operational Insights

Byter’s SevenRooms service provides you with valuable data-driven insights to optimise your operations and enhance guest experiences. Using SevenRooms’ advanced analytics and reporting tools, we track key performance metrics such as reservation trends, guest preferences, and revenue streams. Our team analyses this data to identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions that drive efficiency and growth. By providing detailed and actionable insights, we help you refine your strategies, enhance service quality, and ensure that your hospitality business stays competitive in a dynamic market.

Byter’s SevenRooms service offers seamless integration, personalised guest experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and data-driven operational insights to help hospitality businesses enhance their operations, engage guests, and drive growth. Partner with Byter to leverage our expertise and maximise the potential of SevenRooms for your business.

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