3 Ways to Generate Ideas for Making Reels

3 Tips on How to Come Up With Ideas to Make Reels

Reels are a relatively new feature on instagram, installed on the platform in the middle of 2020. These 15-30 second video format was created to compete with the success of tiktok. Because of their relative newness to instagram has put a more user friendly algorithm on them. Meaning, if you make reels, instagram will show them to more people, instead of throttling the reach, like a standard post. So obviously,  you want to make reels… a lot. BUT! You aren’t a content creator! You have other stuff to do! How are you supposed to keep coming up with short video ideas regularly? Also, please don’t make me dance when creating reels on Instagram.

1- Audio for Instagram Reels

Because instagram reels is copying tiktok, when creators make a reel, the visual and the audio is separate. The audio can be shared, or reused by other creators. This is how you get trending audios. Instagram has also recently introduced a stitch feature, again imitating tiktok. This feature allows you to put your video next to a pre-existing video, allowing you to piggyback off other creators. 

So, the key to being able to churn out the reels is: save audios.

As you scroll through reels you will notice the same audios being used again and again, byt different content creators. This is called a trend, follow trends. As a small content creator all you have to do is save the audio and repeat the trend. You do not need to search up trends, simply scroll and if you notice an audio being used a lot save it. The interesting thing about a lot of these audios is that they are usually pretty self explanatory as to what you have to do visually. And before you panic, no, they are not all dancing.

If you save sufficient audios, all you then have to do is go to the saved audio section and scroll through and select an audio. If you lack inspiration, simply look at what other creators have done with that audio, and it will become very clear what you can do. This strategy allows you to create original content for your online presence 

2- Timelapse for Instagram Reels

A very simple idea for reels, if you are a creator of things, is timelapses. All you have to do is set up your phone, film yourself making an item or product, then speed it up. People are always fascinated by the process of making things. It is a very easy reel idea that should not interfere too much with your everyday work. You also do not need to do timelapses of your product, you could sit your phone in your office window and catch the street life below you. You could do a timelapse of your fingers typing on the laptop if you have a boring office job. Timelapses can be 

3- vlogging for Instagram

Lastly, you know youtube vlogs. On youtube, these are usually over 10 minutes, and are very often high production value. But on reels you are limited to 15- 30 seconds. All you need is to take a few very short clips or photos of your day as you go, and at the end of the day string them together with a popular audio and tadahhh! Instant reel! You can do a voice over, or simply text, or text to speech. It is a growing phenomenon on TikTok, micro vlogs of a person’s day. It is very fast paced, very easy to make it look exciting, and you do not need to actually show all of yourself, or even talk to camera. If you are not able to film reels on Instagram all throughout your day, you could simply capture specific moments that you think might look good, like if you went to get coffee, or went to a park over lunch, simply capture a 15 second shot of it

On instagram people want aesthetically pleasing videos. Instagram is the platform for impossible beauty standards, but also a shallow appearance of authenticity.  So keep in mind when you make your videos the word “aesthetic”. Put a good filter, film the most visually interesting part of your day. Catch a sun beam on your coffee mug. Zoom in on some flowers. But remember above all, the more you do them, even if they suck at first, you will end up being a genius at creating reels on Instagram.

Other ideas for Instagram reels

Creating Reels on Instagram can be a fun and creative way to showcase your life, interests, and passions. But coming up with ideas for new Reels can sometimes be a challenge. Here are 3 extra tips to help you come up with new and exciting ideas for your Reels:

Look to your passions and hobbies for inspiration

Your hobbies and interests can provide a wealth of material for Reels. If you love cooking, for example, you could create a reel that showcases your favorite recipes or cooking techniques. If you’re into fitness, you could make a reel that demonstrates your workout routine or shows how to perform a specific exercise. By highlighting what you’re passionate about, you can create Reels that are both entertaining and engaging.

Watch and learn from others

Following other users on Instagram and watching their Reels can be a great source of inspiration. Take note of what you like and what makes a reel entertaining or informative. You can then use those elements in your own Reels to make them stand out.

Experiment and have fun

Reels are all about having fun and experimenting with different styles and techniques. Don’t be afraid to try something new or take a risk. You never know, you may come up with a unique and interesting idea that will be a hit with your followers. Whether it’s using a new filter, trying a new editing style, or incorporating music into your reel, the possibilities are endless when creating Reels on Instagram.

By using these tips, you can come up with new and exciting ideas for your Reels and keep your followers engaged and entertained. So, get creative and have fun!

Good luck! And reel them in

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