5 Social Media Strategies You Can Use To Boost Your SEO

Read about the top 5 social media strategies to drive organic traffic to your site

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to promote your business and get users to visit your page, but why is something that sounds so simple so hard?

Well, there are a few answers for that that include a flood of information and pages that offer the same content, lack of engagement with others, not implementing social media marketing, and being seen as a “ghost account”, among others.

The reason why social media has become a key asset for brands has to do with them being free tools (not counting paid advertisements) that contain a lot of useful information that can grant businesses with important insights about their audience and how they use their social media accounts as well as easy platforms that can make content go viral contain in a matter of minutes and take brands to the highest positions on Google searches.

If you’re curious about how you can improve your SEO using social media, here you can find the top 5 digital marketing and social media strategies you should highly start implementing to see a significant increase in your website visits.


1. Increase Online Presence

You might think of your social media accounts and your website as two separate things, but they influence each other all the time, more than what you may be aware of.

Google pays critical attention to what people are saying about your brand across many platforms, including social media, which helps them push your site higher in search results according to how relevant and trustworthy your content and brand is (both at the same time, so if one fails the other one is much likely to follow the same path).

Increasing your social media presence then is the most important social media strategy you can implement to start boosting your SEO.

2. Become A “Reference Site”

If you work hard, find time to post regularly, and publish unique and relevant content you can become a “reference site”, which basically means that others reference your website as a source (for images, written content, facts, etc).

This is one of the best social media marketing strategies but relies solely on the recipient’s perspective of whether your content can be used as a reference or not.

To make this work, try using appropriate hashtags or controversial titles (no clickbait or false-claiming things, but using strategic words to make people talk about your content and consequently, about your brand).

3. Establish Yourself As A Brand

People follow brands that relate to them and do what they like to see, which often includes websites establishing themselves as brands, with a story, distinguishing colour palette, logo and mission.

It might sound like a lot to do but if you let a social media agency in London take care of this matter you can already cross the task off your list.

For users to identify with your brand and share your content with others you need to “be seen” on the internet, which seems easy but it is not something you can do in a single afternoon.

Digital marketing and social media planning can help you organize your content and publish at the appropriate time to post that your audience can see and later share with others.

4. Find Quality Partnerships

Algorithms can often make your content not appear as much as before on people’s pages, resulting in your brand not being seen by many.

What most businesses do to increase their website views is to implement social media marketing, which can be done by engaging with their audience, establishing their presence online, and finding quality partnerships.

Quality partnerships refer to unique and organic forms of partnerships, such as unpaid influencers and collaborating with pairs. Unpaid influencers is the term used to describe users that have relevant followers that talk about your brand and promote it solely because they truly like what you do.

Collaborating with pairs shows users that your mission is not to compete but to offer the best product/service/knowledge to your audience. This also increases your website traffic due to your partner sharing the content on their pages and redirecting their followers to your website.

5. Use Several Social Media Platforms

Posting content on several social media platforms that people commonly use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now TikTok builds trust and establishes authority. Furthermore, you can reach more users this way rather than focusing on one or two social media platforms only.

Have in mind that each will need to have a slightly different social media content strategy thus the language and content shared on Twitter is not the same as the one shared on Facebook or TikTok.

What’s more, having several accounts increases the chances of going viral at some point, which can tremendously increase your website traffic (it is a possibility but only if you post consistently and publish relevant and unique content).

The Bottom Line

Social media is the most important tool to boost your website traffic and SEO. They are free tools that you can implement to drive users to your site and get to know your brand, which can later be turned into sales, mail subscriptions, permanent followers, and unpaid publicity that make your brand appear on the internet with only the best reviews from users.

The top 5 digital marketing and social media strategies you can use are increasing your online presence, becoming a site others can cite and use for reference, establishing yourself as a proper brand, finding quality and organic partnerships, and using several social media accounts to publish and promote your content.


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