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5 Key things to keep in mind while becoming a social media creator

Becoming the best content creator in your industry doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. With no magic shortcuts (ah that would be nice), let’s get ready to dive into five key things that every great digital creator needs to know.


The “Be current / Stay Current” Principle

The clue is in the name. To become the best content creator in your industry, your focus needs to spread to all aspects of that given sector. Keeping up-to-date involves following the social media accounts of relevant manufacturers, reading publications as well as immersing yourself in your industry’s latest news such as innovations, trends, regulations and general day-to-day threats.

Remember, one of the differences between a good content creator and a great one is the ability to acknowledge the importance of an ongoing education within their field. With industry changes happening at a rate of knots, don’t be afraid to see what others are doing. All knowledge is good knowledge. It’s about moulding the information to your own needs.


Your Audience and Your Voice

Ensuring a thorough understanding of your industry extends to your prospective customers as well. Try to get inside the mind of your audience to understand their motives. Remember, broad and nebulous assumptions will result in skeletal, lifeless writing with little chance of resonating.

Don’t be afraid to let your company’s personality shine through. The more you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, the more diligent that use of personality can become. So long as your ideas are communicated well and naturally without straying from your digital marketing strategy, you’re on to a winner.


It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Let’s take a look at these two blocks of copy for an imaginary company:

  • Company X is the world-leading manufacturer of eco-friendly water bottles. Constantly evolving since our foundation in 2016, the quality of our products is incredible and our customer service is second-to-none.
  • Since our inception in 2016, Company X has strived to provide our customers with peace of mind when purchasing our products. With our carbon footprint up to 20% smaller compared to our nearest competitors, you can rest assured that your purchase is both good for the health of the planet as well as your own.

Notice the difference. Writing about yourself brings with it the danger of losing the chance to show an understanding of your prospects’ needs and obstacles.


The More The Better

Even though most of us aren’t professional chefs, we can follow the cooking instructions well enough to at least kid ourselves that we could be. When it comes to professional copywriting though, you’re going to have to put in the work to get so close that no one can tell the difference.

As a general rule, the more content you have the more likely it is that you’ll attract traffic to your website. What’s more, with more blogs and articles comes better writing, which in turn leads to quality content. Remember, we’re aiming for you to become your industry’s best content creator here. For that to come to fruition, it’s not a case of writing when you have a spare moment. You’ll have to commit to acting like it and make the time.


The Importance of Keyword Research

In today’s digital marketing landscape, your writing has to be more than just great. What’s the point in creating a brilliant blog post if no one’s going to read it? This is where SEO tools come in. Throughout the whole process, always try to make relevant keywords your best friend.

All in all, none of this needs to feel daunting, nor does the writing ever need to feel like a chore. As is often the case in any digital marketing strategy, remember that a good content creator needs to think like a potential customer to help convert them into an actual one.

As always, the very best of luck!

The Byter Team

Crafting an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

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