Guide to Successful Franchise Marketing on Social Media



Guide to Successful Franchise Marketing on Social Media

Attracting customers to your product is a challenge that all businesses must face, and social media is one of the most powerful tools for the job. Consumers are 87% more likely to check out a brand’s products if they already follow them on social media. But, winning followers on your platforms, and ultimately customers comes down to having a strong social media marketing strategy. This requires a lot of knowledge and skills. To add to this, expanding your strategy across a franchise with multiple locations means expanding your knowledge and skills whilst maintaining brand consistency – tough stuff right? 

Don’t worry. We’ve got some valuable tips for you, so stick around and keep reading.

We know building a successful social media marketing strategy is hard work even for the smallest of businesses, that’s why we created this useful guide. Today though, we’ve got some tips to help you with marketing your franchise on social media. 

Communicate with your franchises

Make sure all local teams are fully informed when it comes to your brand image. Give them examples of wording, style, and colours, and keep communication flowing to keep everyone aligned. Set out benchmarks for campaigns to ensure everyone is organised, and at the same time maintain brand consistency. 

Utilise templates

A great way to control content quality is to create templates that can be sent out to different locations. Then, each team can personalise the content to suit their location. This ensures branding is consistent and prevents certain locations from lagging behind others. 

Stick to a posting schedule

All of your content should be scheduled in advance so stick to a posting schedule and always plan ahead. When there’s a holiday coming up you can create content themed around that holiday. Remember to take local time zones into consideration. 

Monitor performance

Track the performance for each location to make sure all social media efforts are contributing to the success of your business. You can analyse statistics for all your pages, and check the metrics for each post to see what’s working and what isn’t. Data will help you provide personalised feedback for all your locations so they know what to work on. 

Educate your franchises

Your local teams will benefit from lessons from the head office. As you grow, educate your franchisees so they can grow with you. Showing them the best strategies will keep everyone motivated and ready to take the next step. 

Social media tool for franchise marketing

Social media management tools are one of the greatest solutions for franchise marketing. Staying on top of content creation and delivery, posting schedules and performance analysis is a tough job for any business, but for a franchise, it’s next level of stress. Thankfully though, you can take the stress away by utilising our all in one digital marketing solution: Byter Studio. You can create new content, choose from thousands of templates and analyse the data across all of your channels. Social Media Marketing is a tool for any business this day and age and should be a fundamental part of your business.

Good luck!

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