How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

When brands think about content creation, email doesn’t always come to mind. Email is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and still one of the most powerful. Emails can take many different forms and serve a variety of purposes such as educating the customer, reaching new audiences, and engaging old leads.

Marketing experts including the best SEO London agency know that an effective email marketing campaign should be one of the first steps when creating a digital marketing strategy. Email campaigns are cost-effective, extremely customizable, and can reach a large highly targeted audience that’s perfect for growing your business.

Email marketing is a worthwhile digital marketing activity that every business should consider, regardless of size or industry. Here is everything you need to know before creating an email marketing campaign that can help grow your business.

Understand Your Target Audience

Knowing whom you want your content to reach should be one of the first steps of any content creation strategy. Your audience can be defined as narrowly or broadly depending on your digital marketing goals. For instance, if you’re Coca-Cola, your audience will be very broad. However, if Coca-Cola is trying to reach a specific audience such as young athletes, the content will be more specific compared to the content used for the general public.

Some easy ways to define your target audience can be based on demographics, buying behaviors, and region. The more specific you can be with defining your target audience, the better you can analyze trends within content creation that resonate best with this group of people.

Where Your Email List Comes From

When building out your email list for a marketing campaign, it is important to understand where these leads are coming from. Any SEO agency will tell you that being able to segment your email list into groups based on where these contacts came from can help you create an effective digital marketing email campaign.

Contacts that voluntarily give you their emails through your website may be more interested than contacts you bought online. For instance, contacts you bought online may not respond to lengthy informative emails and might be more likely to engage with your emails if they are succinct and flashy, whereas contacts that gave you their emails might want more information than usual.

Identifying Your Campaign’s Goals

Now that you have your email list and it is separated based on where the lead came from and the type of consumer, you can start creating email content optimized for each group. Email content creation should be aimed at creating the perfect customer journey leading to the desired outcome, whether that be a sale, subscription, follow, or anything else.

Every email should have a clear purpose that is easily understood by the reader. Are you trying to draw their attention to an upcoming event, a new product, a press release, or something else? Understanding the main objective can help focus an email marketing campaign’s content to not overwhelm the reader. If the content within the email does not specifically lead toward the end objective, then it should be removed.

Writing the Perfect Email

Writing the perfect email can be tough. Even London SEO specialists can take days crafting the perfect message to put into an email. Here are a few tips that apply to any email digital marketing campaign.

Make it Useful

Readers can instantly identify fluff. With the average worker receiving up to 15,000 emails per year, email content creation needs to have value, otherwise, it will never be looked at. The keyword here is value, if your emails give the reader no value then it’s not worth sending.

Share Your Personality

With the daily bombardment of emails people deal with, reading emails can become monotonous. Here, it’s best to avoid any language or writing that feels too robotic. Showing some personality like humor, personal anecdotes, and the use of common phrases or idioms can bring an email to life and give your brand a human feel.

Emails Should Be Short

The shorter the email, the more likely your reader is to finish it (just like this section).

Get Creative

Email campaigns may be one of the older forms of digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be filled with new and innovative ideas. Putting time into researching email content creation trends can help make your emails pop! This could mean adding videos to your emails, including eye-popping subject titles, or using embedded links to spice up your emails.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Just like your mom nagging you about what your plan is after college, the Best SEO London agency knows how important a plan is. Email content creation is most effective when it is done consistently and with a purpose, and nothing helps set that in motion like a social media schedule.

Some readers will engage with your emails after the first time while others will engage after becoming familiar with seeing your emails in their inbox. Creating a digital marketing schedule will help you stay consistent with your content creation goals while also ensuring the content is does not repeat itself and remains fresh.

Analyze Your Progress

The only way to continue to see returns from your digital marketing strategy is to analyze past performance and optimize future content creation. The most common method is the A/B testing method.

The A/B method allows you to compare two different approaches in a similar environment and see which approach leads to higher returns. This allows you to determine which strategies like time of day, email themes, subject lines, and more, work best compared to one another.

Getting Started

From fortune 500 companies to SEO experts London know how useful email marketing campaigns can be. Email content creation is an extremely cost-effective way to engage new and existing customers to help grow your business.

When creating an email digital marketing campaign, it’s important to understand who your target audience is and what the desired outcome of your campaign is. The more you can define your audience and your goals, the better job you can do at email content creation that resonates with your audience.

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