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Twitter fame and verification can bring you many benefits as a company. Having a big following on Twitter can allow you to communicate with your customers in a more convenient fashion. It can also help with brand legitimacy, as the bigger your following the more you look like you know what you are doing. Having an interesting Twitter account can also help increase your customer base or just general brand awareness, as you might attract customers who would not normally interact with you. For businesses who have dedicated themselves to a particular cause, social media, especially Twitter, is one of the best places to be.

So, you have decided you want to start on Twitter. How do you go about growing your following?

1- Interact with others

When trying to figure out how to get popular on Twitter, remember it’s all about growing that audience connection. Don’t just publish a Tweet and go ghost. Follow other influential people in your industry. Retweet posts from influencers. Reply to your customers. When your Twitter presence becomes conversational, you’ll increase engagement and grow your follower base. You can also post tweets that encourage responses, like asking customers to tell you their experiences, or little polls or other such things. People like talking about themselves, and if you give them a little prompt will quite happily interact with you. You must remember to answer as many of these as you can in an engaging manner.

2- Share relevant content

Make sure to share content that your audience is actually interested in, whether that’s Tweeting about sales, product tutorials, or current events. Always remember to stay on brand. Twitter has an analytics page that gives you general feedback like Instagram does, so that may help your understanding of your audience. Again like Instagram, look at the hashtags for inspiration. Twitter has a news and trending section. When you type in certain hashtags in your posts twitter will suggest to you hashtags and also tell you their popularity. If you can attach yourself to current events or trends then you have a higher chance of getting seen. Of course, you must be aware, Twitter controls the trending tab to a certain extent And they will also often put new stories first into many current events hashtags. 

3- Post visual content

Unless you are really good at outrageous hot takes, images and videos work best as a way of making people notice you and engage. Humans are very visual creatures, and especially with the success of platforms like TikTok the importance of moving content has been fully illustrated. Twitter is designed for text, that is true, but images make you more visually striking. 

4- Tweet consistently

On Twitter, any given timeline is constantly changing. The average tweet has a life of 24 minutes.  So make sure to post often to keep your Tweets at the top of the most recent section.  Create a content calendar so you can plan ahead of time to keep consistent. Or simply drink a lot of coffee and let her fly. Again, remember, be on-brand. Do not tweet about unrelated topics unless you feel very strongly that it will add to your brand

5- Count on micro-influencers

Micro-influencers also fall into the interaction section of your plan. Micro-influencers are social media creators who fall inside the 3,000-100,000 followers bracket.  They are still influential and often have a more approachable and legitimate image than the giant influencers. This is because the big influencers are often very manicured in their presentation so keep that in mind when you come to advertise with influencers. If you can work with a few micro-influencers this will definitely help you grow your follower account

6- Share your Twitter account on other channels

Chances are you also have a large business presence outside of social media. Use that to your advantage. Add your Twitter link to the bottom of your email signatures, to your website, and even to your physical business cards. When you give your customers one more way to find you, you’ll communicate that you’ve got their back, even outside of the store. 

7- Hot takes

And lastly, Twitter is known for its hot takes and drama. So if your following is not growing to your satisfaction, you can always post something controversial. Or if you can’t come up with your own hot takes, simply join in on the latest public denouncing circle. This will get you noticed and allow you to signal that your brand has its finger on the pulse of current events.

Remember kids, Twitter can be quite a toxic place, so if you are running your own social media, remember to take breaks. And if you feel like your mental health is affected by it, remember that’s how Twitter works.

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Good luck twittering

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