How To Structure A Website

The best website structure to rank higher and attract more visitors to your site

Your website must have a defined structure, or it will just be a random collection of pages and blog articles. This structure is required for your users to traverse your site and click from one page to the next. Google also looks at your site’s structure to evaluate what information is significant and what isn’t.

If you’re looking for a detailed guide on website structure, you’ve come to the right place. Below you can read about site structuring, including why you should pay attention to it and how it can increase or decrease your performance on search engines.

Why You Should Properly Structure Your Site

It’s critical to structure your website so that it’s both usable and findable. Many websites lack a clear structure that directs visitors to the content they need. A good site structure also helps Google comprehend your site better, thus it’s crucial for SEO.

Your website’s structure has a big impact on your visitors’ experience. It’s unlikely that people will become frequent visitors or customers if they can’t access the products and information they need. To put it another way, you should assist them in navigating your website. It should be simple to get around. So that your content and items are easy to find, you should classify and connect them.

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Website Structure & SEO

A well-structured website greatly improves your chances of being seen in search engines. Google will be able to tell where the most valuable information on your site is based on how your site is structured. It aids search engines in determining what your site’s primary purpose is or what you’re selling. A good site structure also makes it easier for search engines to find and index material. As a result, a decent structure should result in a higher Google ranking.

Furthermore, you may have blog posts on your site that are very similar. If you write a lot about SEO, for example, you might produce several blog pieces about site structure, each focusing on a different element. As a result, Google won’t be able to discern which of these pages is the most significant, and you’ll have to compete with your own material for a top Google position. You should tell Google which page is the most important to you. To do this, you’ll need a robust internal linking and taxonomy structure so that all of those sites work for you rather than against you.

It might seem like a huge task to complete on your own, and as a business owner, you probably want to let a professional take care of this for you. Thankfully, Byter digital marketing offers outstanding and tailored services for companies and small businesses who need to improve their SEO and Google ranking.

Structuring Your Site

The best way to structure your site is by following the pyramid look, in which the homepage is at the top, followed by the primary sections or categories, which may be followed by subcategories. All of the individual posts and pages can be found on the ground.


Your homepage should serve as a central point of navigation for your visitors. This means, among other things, that your homepage should link to your most significant pages. This increases the likelihood of your visitors landing on the pages you want them to, as well as demonstrating to Google that these pages are significant.

If you try to link to many sections from your homepage, it will get cluttered. A cluttered homepage, on the other hand, does not lead your visitors anywhere.

Aside from having a well-structured homepage, it’s also critical to have a well-defined navigation path on your website. The website menu is the most common navigational assistance on your site, and you want to make the most of it. Your menu is used by visitors to navigate your website. It helps them grasp the structure of your website.

Breadcrumbs on your pages can help you make your site’s structure even more obvious. These are clickable links that appear at the top of a page or blog post. The structure of your site is reflected in the breadcrumbs. They assist visitors in determining their location on your website. They boost your site’s user experience as well as its SEO.


Your website’s blog content or items should be divided into several categories. If these categories become too large, you should break them down into subcategories to simplify things.

Having this hierarchy and categorization of your pages aids your user and Google in understanding each and every page you create. Make sure to include your primary categories in your site’s main menu when establishing your category structure.

Keeping Your Website’s Structure

When you have a lot on your plate, organising or rearranging your material isn’t usually a top priority. It can feel like a chore, especially if you write quality content frequently or contribute additional content on a regular basis. You must do it, even if it isn’t always enjoyable, or your website will become a disaster.

To avoid this, you’ll need to not only fix your site’s structure but also keep an eye on it as you add new material. Your long-term SEO plan should undoubtedly include site structure.

Social media services are a great investment to think about, thus they can contribute to your site’s higher ranking on search engines as well as improve the number of visitors you get. As a business owner, it can be a lot to handle and you shouldn’t spare time out of your busy schedule to deal with this when other professionals, highly skilled and with years of experience, can hop behind the desk and solve everything within seconds.

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