Keyword Value & Buyer Intent: Is It Valuable To Rank?

Is it valuable to rank

Keyword Value & Buyer Intent: Is It Valuable To Rank?

Some keywords are more valuable to rank for than others, despite having lower search volumes.

Most keyword research tools will show you a value for CPC or Cost Per Click. This is the average value that an advertiser would pay per click to advertise on Google.

This is a helpful metric in determining if ranking for a certain key phrase would be valuable. If advertisers are willing to pay to bid on it, it’s likely to be a valuable keyword to target!

High Value Keywords

Some keywords have high commercial intent, meaning that they are more likely to drive a purchase.

As an example, you can see here that the keyword “personal injury lawyer” has an estimated CPC value of £110! That means advertisers are willing to pay £110 every time someone clicks their ad.

This would be a highly lucrative keyword to rank for.

The reason advertisers are willing to pay a high price to bid on this keyword is that it’s likely to result in a sale for their business.

(Plus, winning a personal injury law case could be worth hundreds of thousands, or millions of pounds!)

This is a high commercial intent keyword!

Low Value Keywords

To contrast this, here’s an example of some keywords related to someone searching for a blink 182 song.

Although these keywords get thousands of searches per month, advertisers are not willing to pay much to advertise on this search.

That’s because searchers are not likely to purchase something when searching for this. This is a keyword with low purchase intent!

When choosing your keywords, make sure to pay attention to not only the search volume but also the CPC value. This is often a good indicator of how valuable it would be to rank!

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