QR Codes in Marketing: 5 Great Examples


QR Codes in Marketing: 5 Great Examples

Companies need to find unique, innovative ways to make the most of the increasing popularity of QR (Quick Response) codes among smartphone users. Of course, being bombarded with texts and notifications from previously scanned codes is appealing to pretty much no one, which leaves wide-eyed marketers with a cautious opportunity on their hands.

The QR Market

Before we delve into the ‘how’, let’s delve into the ‘who’.

· 40% of smartphone users compare the competition’s prices on their device while in a physical store.

· Though mixed, the statistics indicate that those scanning QR codes are most likely to be 25-34 year old iPhone users.

· Japan and USA are way out in front of other countries in terms of QR scans, at approximately 60%.

· 2011 proved to be a turning point with QR code creation jumping an incredible 1,253% with two million being created in under three months.

· Of these, the majority were used to navigate users to a web address, though options to save vCard details, provide Google Maps info and YouTube video links were also significant.

Let’s now take a look at some of the more memorable ways in which companies have succeeded in getting you to scan their code, while boosting brand awareness along with it.

1. Creative App Ads

One example of a company making the most of QR codes becoming more mainstream in marketing is the popular smartphone game Angry Birds. As you can see, it has been designed to take you straight to download the app, while highlighting both ad creativity and self-explanatory promotion.

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