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Strategizing Your Social Media Content Planning

In today’s highly digital world, the key to successful marketing lies in crafting a robust social media engagement plan where ‘social media content is life’. Everything we do as consumers and as business owners tends to revolve around social media. Whether you’re researching new places to travel or what gifts to buy for the holidays, social media rules all. It also dictates where to go to lunch.

For any business, having an effective social media strategy is key to staying successful. You can argue about different colour themes or which platform is best for your business. However, the one thing everyone can agree on is consistency.

Social media is a numbers game and its crucial to stay on top of it. With the countless platforms and trends, you need to juggle along with the rest of your work, having a social media plan will save you from drowning in work. That is why working with a social media agency in London can help you gain more customers and grow your revenue.

Why You Should Use a Social Media Calendar

With social media being such a high priority for modern businesses, staying organised has never been more important. Social media calendars are a great tool when building a social media plan. Here are some important ways creating a social media calendar can improve your operations.

  1. Stay Flexible: Having a social media calendar lets you stay flexible in your workday and with your social media activities. Sometimes there are new trends that you want to act on immediately, or you need someone to take over posting for the day due to an emergency. With organisation comes flexibility, and that is something every social media team should have.
  2. Grow Your Audience: Social media is about building a story for your brand. Creating meaningful social media materials is a time-consuming process, as it should be. The only way to give yourself enough time to produce high-quality materials and meet deadlines is to plan ahead.
  3. Track Your Performance: When you create a schedule, you’re generating a data set that analysts can study over time. By looking into which days, types of materials, or platforms performed the best for your business, you can optimise your social media plan moving forward.

Social Media Engagement Plan: The Best Tools for Your Business

Modern business requires modern tools, so the 2022 Cutest Puppies calendar isn’t going to cut it when making a social media plan.

Below are some popular tools and methods to help you plan your social media activity to stay ahead of the competition. Each tool and method can offer different ideas that you can take customise to your own business and make your own.

Google Apps & Google Drive

Additionally, Google Drive is a one-stop-shop for everything and anything you can need as a business. In fact, Google offers a wide range of products. These products are essentially the free versions of necessary programs like Microsoft Word (Google Docs), PowerPoint (Google Slides), Excel (Google Sheets), and more. For social media planning, Google also has apps like Google Calendar and Google Tasks which are great tools to master.

The best part of Google’s apps is that all your work is saved on Google Drive. It is free to use and with your Google account, you can access your documents from any device in the world. Google’s products lack specific integration for social media. Despite the availability of numerous templates to aid in planning social media activities, these programs do not focus solely on social media planning.


While Google offers a wide range of products, there are plenty of services that are free or cheap that are specifically designed for social media and content creators. Trello is one of the most popular services because it is free to use (with paid upgrades available) and built for any size company.

Trello works by creating tasks that can be assigned to individuals or teams. Each task is pinned to different boards that can be customised for lists like “Weekly To-Dos” or “Q1 Presentation”. You can also customise boards for “Resources” or whatever you like. Trello is loved by many because it is easy to use and highly customisable.

Social Media Engagement Plan: HubSpot Templates

Not every business is going to need a complex solution when making a social media plan. Whether you’re a travel blog just looking to boost your SEO or a small business hoping to reach customers from a neighboring town, learning a new system like Trello or Google Drive might be overkill.

In this case, using a pre-existing template to make your social media plan is probably all you need. While it might seem simple, pre-made tools designed for efficiency can change the game. In the same way, you’d rather have a power drill over a screwdriver. Utilising a proven template is a great first step in building a social media plan.


For operations looking to get serious about their social media plan, look no further than Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media planner that can create campaigns and organise your entire organisation in one place. It can also improve collaboration efforts across teams.

With Hootsuite, you can curate content across multiple social media platforms without having to log into each one. Hootsuite will save your organisation time and ensure the flawless execution of your social media plan. While Hootsuite is no replacement for the best London social media agency, it is a powerful tool that would be useful for any organisation.

Social Media Engagement Plan: How to Proceed

Social media is more important than ever. Irrespective of your industry, it’s probable that most of your new customers are coming from your social media activities. Furthermore, if they aren’t, they will certainly look at your social media. They look to learn about the business you are and the story you’re telling.

Maintaining an organized approach to your social media engagement plan enables you to uphold a high standard of work without missing a beat. Implementing a strategic social media engagement plan helps to streamline your activities, ensuring consistent and effective communication with your audience.

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