Terms You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Terms You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing terms 101 brought to you by a top-class social media agency that can help you skyrocket your business

Every business needs digital marketing to reach its target audience in this new technological era, but not every owner knows the ABC of such, which is why this article will come in handy.

As a social media agency, we understand the importance of using the latest tools and strategies to attract new clients and drive traffic to your platforms and websites, and we also care to educate users to help them understand a bit more about our job and why they should start engaging with a proper digital marketing company to reach their business goals.

Below you can read about the top 5 digital marketing terms you should know about to start directing your business strategy up for success, which we also can definitely help with.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

You’ll read the word KPI a lot when searching about digital marketing, and it is used to measure the success of a specific campaign made over a certain period based on determined objectives. It helps the team track their creation’s performance and analyse what needs to be changed, modified, and such. KPIs are necessary for monitoring the process of achieving goals in a business and can help the team focus on what’s important in a marketing plan.

There are two types of KPIs, high-level and low-level which target, respectively, the general performance of the business and small processes and results in specific departments (marketing, support, etc). Byter is the best digital marketing agency in London highly skilled in managing KPIs and helping your business achieve short and long-term goals with proper strategies and resources.

KSV – Keyword Search Volume

Keywords are part of every digital marketing conversation topic and they are the core of every campaign and social media strategy your business will create. A keyword volume estimate is a monthly estimate of the number of searches for a specific keyword or key phrase.

Higher search volume indicates more potential visitors to your site, but high-volume keywords are frequently more competitive and extensively focused. Although it might seem like the go-to option, using high-volume keywords is not always the best decision, thus they are super competitive and target a wide audience or market.

Engaging with a social media agency like Byter, you’re guaranteed a superior market research analysis in which we’ll use the best and most efficient keywords to target your specific audience and industry.

CTA – Call To Action

In digital marketing, CTAs are always there, even when you don’t even notice them. A call to action refers to a button users click in order to purchase something, subscribe to a newsletter, or engage in some way with the business.

Call to actions can be used in social media campaigns, email marketing, and more, and if smoothly incorporated into the promo, it can increase traffic to your website/store as well as grant your business with more information about their target audience and clients. A CTA should be able to capture the attention of your clients and when someone visits your website, they should be able to tell right away what action you want them to take, whether it’s to shop a sale, subscribe to your newsletter, or peruse your newest products.

A good thing to have in mind when designing an efficient call to action is the font size, which should be large enough to grab attention. A good technique to convince people to click is to state a clear benefit that they will receive if they complete the transaction.

B2B – Business To Business

The term business to business refers to a company creating tailored services and products for other businesses rather than for customers. B2B is more for specific businesses looking to improve their presence for their customers and it can become a bit difficult to find businesses that are looking for what you offer. Generally, they’re more educated and require custom-made services to solve their issues.

It is important to keep your social media marketing campaigns and promotions active, unique and constantly changing to fit with other businesses’ standards and goals. It might feel like a difficult task to perform, but thankfully Byter has a skilled staff that can handle all B2B marketing strategies for an effective scout. As a London-based digital marketing agency, we offer tailored services for other businesses in need of specific solutions.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate refers to the number of people who interacted with your brand and includes all your Facebook posts, blog articles, Tweets, and so on. Comments, shares, and other actions are measured and result in a specific engagement rate that helps teams understand which platform is doing better and what are users identifying with most.

The higher the engagement rate the better is your content doing, certain tools like SEO come into play and can help your business gain more popularity online. Users interacting with your website and social media platforms will be considered a credible source in your sector by search engines, which will result in higher ranking positioning.

Digital Marketing Must-Know Terms Wrap Up

This article provides a digital marketing term 101 class in which we mentioned some of the most common names you’ll hear when engaging with a digital marketing agency like Byter.

The most important terms mentioned above are key performance indicator (KPI), key search volume (KSV), call to action (CTA), business to business (B2B or BTB), and engagement rate. Byter is the best digital marketing agency in London that offers tailored services for businesses that need to upgrade their website, change their marketing strategy to target a specific audience as well as for those who need to drive more traffic to their site, among many other services.

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