Tips To Increase Your Videography Skills

How to master your videography skills for social media

Videography is a must have in any business’s digital transformation, and thanks to social media, the trend is growing at a rapid speed. If you’re looking for the latest tips to increase your video-making skills and content, this article will come in handy.

Below you can read about video marketing and London-based content creation to create top-class videos that will take your business to the next level.

Planning Is Key to improve your videography skill-set

It takes more than pressing the record button to make a video. There are a number of variables that go into making a video distinctive. And, believe it or not, the majority of them have to do with how effectively you organise your film before shooting it. Make sure to set a goal, identify your target audience, research your topic and decide on the appropriate video type before anything else. Make sure you plan to improve your video editing skills.

Use Only Steady/Quality Footage

Any great video needs stabilised footage to be successful. Because shaky footage is not only unprofessional, it also strains your audience’s eyes. Many video editing programs include a built-in option for stabilising shaky footage, although the results aren’t always flawless.

Purchasing a tripod is a great option that we recommend considering. Further, this will help you stay up-to-date with your social media content creation calendar and produce top-class shareable videos for your business. It’s important to keep all of your videography content save somewhere and this is a good habit to get into to increase your videography skills.

Invest In Quality Filming Gear

Another important technique for improving the quality of the video is to choose the appropriate camera. To generate top-class videos, you don’t need an extravagant or professional camera, contrary to popular assumptions. You have two main camera options: the built-in camera on your phone or a DSLR camera.

Most London-based content creation is done with a quality phone, which is significantly cheaper than a professional camera.

Have A Decent Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a necessary component of the production process. This will let you make transitions, colour grade your videos, add titles, subtitles, intros, and outros, and sew them together in an easy-to-understand manner. There are various free and premium video editing programs to pick from that can help you create top-class content and craft an effective social media content strategy. To enhance your videography skills you need to be using the best software.

Record Small Clips Rather Than Long Scenes

Your social media video marketing is not a Hollywood production, therefore there’s no need to record everything at once or in the same shot (unless necessary).

Filming films in small pieces is an excellent method to stay focused on the issue at hand. In addition, editing the footage in post-production becomes easier. You can start recording, talk about one point, stop recording, and continue the process for each point.

What’s more, each small clip can be scripted and promoted on different platforms to boost your SEO on social media. Video making is not just about producing entertaining or informative content but to get your audience to interact with your business and visit your website to get further information about your products or services.

Lighting Matters

Another important aspect of any excellent video is lighting. It’s evident that if your video becomes too dark or too bright, it won’t appear well, and you’ll risk folks skimming over it.

Any video maker has two basic light sources: natural lighting, which is free and able to make the subject of your film appear nice; and studio lighting, which you’ll probably like to invest in as your production capacity grows and you want to enhance the quality of your videos.

Having a specific set or background in your videos can make your audience quickly distinguish your business, which is great for developing excellent brand storytelling.

Consider Upgrading Your Audio Quality

Your video’s audio may drastically alter your content, and there are a few basic things you can do to preserve the audio quality of your video.

Using a microphone apart from your camera’s built-in one is the best approach to recording audio from your subject. Because your camera’s built-in mic, no matter how fantastic it is, isn’t enough to replace a specialised external audio recorder.

If your business needs to produce speaking content, then investing in a proper small microphone you can attach to your phone or camera is recommended to allow users to have a complete video marketing experience.

Learn About Video Composition

In the video you’re about to record, composition refers to how you frame your subject. The Rule of Thirds, which divides the frame into a 3×3 grid and creates intersections that are perfect spots to place your subject, is the most popular approach to frame your subject.

And the best approach to frame your subject is to situate them at one of the viewfinder’s intersections, with their eyes aligned with the frame’s top line. You can also arrange your subject in the centre of the frame, but this will leave a lot of empty space in the upper third of the frame.

This information is great for creating video emails and helping your business stand out in your audience’s inbox.

How To Increase Your Video Marketing Skills

Professional video production may appear scary, but it does not have to be. All you have to do is follow the advice in this post, and you’ll see a significant improvement in the quality, engagement, and outcomes of your videos.

Before you shoot your videos, don’t put too much emphasis on getting the greatest equipment. It’s a process that any artist must go through, and the more you practice with a limited budget and equipment, the better you’ll get when you have the correct equipment.

London-based content creation is not about having the most expensive equipment but carefully choosing a quality camera (phone or any other), a small attachable microphone, and good lighting (natural or artificial). Each social media platform has different trends and norms, and most have the same video format and size required, so you can post your videos on more than one app and still share a top-class video.

Good luck.

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