Using Website Design to Increase Sales

web design increase sales

Using Website Design to Increase Sales

Beauty Basics

From websites selling products or services to those sharing a portfolio of work with potential employers, it’s vital to remember that as many of 38% of people will click off if they deem the site unattractive.

You’re not a professional web designer? Not a problem. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks you can use when creating a beautiful website.

Four Web Design Do’s

1. Do Use Cohesive Colours and Fonts

Some psychologists suggest that whether a user either accepts or rejects a website is 60% down to colour. Try to stick to two or three carefully colour-guide chosen fonts throughout the site. Remember, even seemingly subtle changes can have a large impact. Let’s take the company ‘Performable’ as an example. By simply changing its call-to-action button from green to red, it saw a 21% increase in sales.

2. Do Use Simple Navigation

Always keep the following statistics in your mind when designing your site:

  • 86% of visitors are immediately looking for information about your products.
  • 60% of visitors want to find your contact information.

Increasing website sales comes down to ensuring a quick and easy user experience. A clear and concise navigation and search bar towards the top of the page will help to guide your customers to what they’re looking for and what you want to sell.

3. Do Use Certifications and Testimonials

With 85% of users trusting testimonials and product reviews in the same light as personal recommendations, ignore including customer testimonials at your peril. For example, five-starred ratings can increase your conversion rate by as much as 28%. For an added touch, why not try something similar to what the online restaurant ordering system ChowNow have done? Here, customers upload a short video of themselves actually speaking.

Crucially, would you expect your customers to share their financial information on a website without a seemingly flawless level of security? For this reason, make sure to add often overlooked certification logos such as security badges or third-party reviews of your business, proving to new customers the legitimacy of your business. 

4. Do Use Infographics

With people being 80% more likely to respond and interact with visual content, it’s certainly worth considering the general amount of text on your website. Some site content leads itself naturally away from text, such as statistic-driven content which is instead best displayed though the use of an infographic – as much as thirty times more likely to be read in its entirety than a wall of text.

Four Web Design Don’ts

Let’s now take a look at some pitfalls to avoid when constructing a beautiful, sales-increasing website.

1. Don’t Use Too Many Elements

The old adage of less is more applies in abundance here, so be careful with the GIFS, text, videos, pop-up ads and the like, which can quickly become distracting, lowering both time spent on your site and the all-important conversion rates. 

2. Don’t Use Jarring Colour Schemes

As mentioned above, your website’s chosen colour palette is of huge importance. Stay away from bold, headache-inducing colours that don’t complement each other. That’s no way to encourage a customer to stick around long enough to make a purchase.

3. Don’t Use Cluttered Navigation

Another way to boot the customers off your site without lifting a finger is to make things confusing and cluttered. No transactions are made when scrolling through a string of pointless nebulous web pages.

4. Don’t Use Loud Multimedia Set to AutoPay

A loud unexpected burst of audio and video can often do more harm than good. Sure, it’s good to grab your customer’s attention, but in this instance, it’s not the way to go.

In Design They Trust

When people arrive at your website, make sure you’ve got them on your side from the first click. A mixture of cohesive colours and fonts, five-star testimonials, along with a simple layout and uncluttered navigation should not only do that but also keep them coming back again and again.

As always from the Byter Team,

Good luck!

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