How to Boost Instagram Engagement

Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Remember the days when you would log in to Instagram to find all the latest posts you’ve missed in a nice chronological order? Those days were bliss. 

These days your feed seems to present in a totally random order, and not to mention the fact that your Aunt is always mad at you for not liking her recent cat photo…it’s not your fault though, it didn’t come up on your feed! In fact, there’s a really simple explanation for this; it’s Instagram’s new algorithm. 

For many brands, the new algorithm definitely came as a shock. Instagram used to be one of the easiest social media marketing tools to navigate. You post a pic, people see it, and hey-presto, you gain customers. Now though, making sure your photos get seen is a little trickier, but do not to fear! We’ve got the low-down on how to beat the algorithm and get your posts ranking high in the feed. It’s all about engagement. The more people you’ve got liking and commenting on your posts, the better it will rank on the Instagram feed. Read more to boost your instagram engagement.

How to boost Instagram engagement

Here are some clever ways to get more comments and likes on your posts, and ultimately rank higher in user’s feeds. 

Post frequently to improve engagement

Rarely active accounts just don’t fare well on Instagram, or any other social media platform for that matter. If you want to get people engaging with your photos, you need to get them interested in your account and looking forward to your next post. If you don’t post very often, people will inevitably forget about you, unfollow you, and sadly you’ll fade into the background. 

Host a giveaway to increasse followers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Am I right? Hosting a giveaway is a great way to entice users to like, comment and share your content. Invite users to enter the contest by engaging with your post, perhaps by tagging three of their friends, (who may then also enter the contest). 

Host a takeover

Hosting a takeover means allowing another company, colleague or influencer to post on your account for a certain amount of time, (usually a day). This is a really clever way to attract their audience over onto your page so you can gather follows, likes and comments from a brand new set of users.

Ask people to comment 

We’ve all heard it before…‘why don’t you just ask?’. It can feel wrong to do it, but actually, asking for something is often the easiest way to get it. 

Applying this method to Instagram, find ways to ask your followers for their input on your most recent post. You could ask for their opinion on something, whether they agree or disagree with a statement, or even ask for their advice.  

Respond to comments

Following on nicely from our last tip, try and respond to comments. You don’t need to respond to them all, but perhaps the ones that stand out to you, or as many as you have the time for. 

Modern consumers love two-way marketing. It feels good to have a conversation with your favourite brands. It will also encourage people to comment because they will want a response from you. 

Post something funny or shocking

Want to really get people talking? Give them something to talk about!

If you post something funny, surprising or provocative, you’re bound to get a conversation started. This tactic will have users commenting about their responses and tagging their friends. 

Post a teaser on your story

Some people browse through their story feed just as much, if not more than they do their general feed. Don’t want them to miss your post? Add a little teaser to your story so they’ll be directed to your post. 

These tips should have you well on your way to beating Youtube’s new algorithm and upping your posts’ engagement. If you’re yet to establish a social media presence for your brand, take a look at this article we wrote on how to build a flawless social media marketing strategy. 

Good luck!

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