As a Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency in London, we believe that you should be able to make the most out of your Instagram business. So, reposting on Instagram is an easy and beneficial tool for building brand recognition and promotion, acquiring new clientele, and illuminating your brand values. Give your Instagram that Byter touch, and watch the magic come to you.

Instagram is special. Instagram is different. Most social media feeds are almost frustratingly busy, snowed under a cacophony of noise. Fortunately, Instagram is unique since you can only look at one post at a time. The straightforward and flawless interface makes it too easy to focus on users’ aesthetically pleasing photography and captivating videos. Byter is giving you the marketing tools to bring your Instagram and social media presence to the next level. Now it’s time to hold onto your hat and prepare yourself for the five simple steps on how to repost on Instagram.

We have carefully and meticulously tested four different ways to manage and manifest your Instagram marketing strategies. This can be done via three apps: Repost for Insta, Instarepost, and DownloadGram. These can be downloaded from the IOS store or Google Play.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to Instagram’s Terms of Use, you must first reach out to the Instagram user whose content you want to reproduce and obtain written permission to do so. This is applicable to any Instagram app you decide to use today. You can do this by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram Direct Message (DM). The DM’s can be accessed by tapping the paper airplane icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.


First things first. You have to ask for permission before you re-use a person’s content! You don’t want to fall down the copyrighting rabbit hole. It’s bad for you, and it’s bad for your Instagram business. However, once you have gotten that crucial step done then you can use an external app such as: Report for Insta, InstaRepost, or DownloadGram to really bring your marketing skills to life. Or, you could simply take a screenshot of the photo with your mobile device.


Download ‘Repost for Instagram’

The ‘Reposting for Instagram’ app allows you to repost whilst still giving credit to the original poster. The app is compatible with either IOS or Android, and integrates with Instagram so that you can share amazing content directly from your phone. Its fun and effortless. Now let me break it down for your further.

Identify a photo or video to repost

It’s time to choose the photo that you want to repost, one which will enhance your brand image and its values. Once your have identified the perfect photo, then you can open your ‘Instagram app’. Tap your chosen photo from the original poster’s photo gallery to see it in full view, as shown below. Pretty easy so far, right?

Psst… do you follow HUBSPOT on Insta

Copy the post’s share URL to your clipboard

Once you are on the correct landing page for your chosen photo or video, then you need to tap the “…” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Afterward, click the “Copy share URL” option (this will be the same for Android devices). We’re nearly there!

Open ‘Repost for Instagram’

The photo should be copied to your clipboard, so now you need to open ‘Repost for Instagram’ app. The post you copied will automatically be on the app’s homepage. Refer to the image below for more guidance.

Next, tap the arrow on the right-hand side of the post. There, you can edit how you want the repost icon to appear on Instagram. Now, “Repost” and then tap “Copy to Instagram”

Edit the post’s caption and share

Tap “next”. If you want to include the original post’s caption, then tap the caption field and press “Paste”. This is where the original caption will appear with a citation that credits the original poster with your reposted photo.

When you’re ready to share, then tap “Share” as you would do with a regular post. Now you’re done!


Download InstaRepost

The ‘InstaRepost app gives you the freedom to share content from other Instagram users to your own Instagram account straight from your phone. Now you can showcase yourself, and your Instagram business. The app is also compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Give InstaRepost’ access to your Instagram account

To do this, you need to open ‘InstaRepost’. Now log in using your Instagram username and password, then confirm it to access your photos, friends, and similar content associated with your Instagram account. This will allow you to choose the picture you want without any issues. Refer to the picture below for more guidance.

Use ‘InstaRepost’ to look up the original poster’s username

Unfortunately, ‘InstaRepost will only reveal a small selection from your Instagram feed. So, if you know which photo you want to post then simply tap the magnifying glass icon on the bottom toolbar of the ‘InstaRepost’ app, as shown below. Now you will have access to the Explore tab. Enter the username of the person whose photo you want to repost.

However, if you do not know which photo you want to post then think carefully about what will strengthen the agency of your Social Media business. What will wow your specific audience? After this period of contemplation, then you can continue with the directions above.

Save the photo to your camera roll

Now that you have your fabulous photo ready, it’s time for you to save it to your own mobile device. To do this, you need to tap the arrow in the lower righthand corner and then you should click “Repost”, then press “Repost” again. Once you have done this, the photo should now be saved onto your camera roll where you can retrieve it via Instagram. We’re nearly there!


Edit and then Credit!

Now this is your time to shine. Here, you can add a filter and edit the post the way you want. Next, tap the caption field to paste the original caption. Remember, the original poster always deserves their credit. So, we suggest adding a citation by typing “@ + [username]” to credit them. Finally, click “Share” and then you’re done!

Make sure to refer to all the images for further guidance if you need.


DownloadGram is an exceptional multimedia marketing tool which allows users to save photos, videos, and other pieces of content directly to your phone, or laptop, or PC. These high-resolution copies from Instagram will give you the freedom to maximise the potential of your digital marketing goals.

Fortunately, you don’t need to download an app to repost with ‘DownloadGram’. Who’s ready for the ultimate DownloadGrambreakdown?

Open Instagram and choose the photo you want to repost

It’s time to find a beautiful photo which will accentuate your Instagram’s brand image, and its values. Now this shouldn’t take too long, but don’t underestimate the power of reflection and thought to help you identify the best possible photo.

Once you have chosen your photo, tap the “…” icon in the upper righthand corner of the post and then click “Copy Share URL” (this button will be the same for both IOS and Android devices). Refer to the image below for more guidance.

Paste the post’s share URL into ‘DownloadGram’

For this step, you need to open Google and search ‘DownloadGram’ or simply go to Once you have done this then you can paste the URL into the text box that appears on the website’s homepage. Now tap “Download”, then click the green “Download Image” button which appears further down on their homepage. Refer to the images below if you need help.

Download your chosen photo

Once you have pasted the URL, then you will be directed to a new homepage with the content ready to download. Next, tap the download icon (the box with an upward-facing arrow, as shown below. Now you can click “Save image” which will save the photo directly to your camera roll.

Open Instagram and find your photo or video

Now you can go back to Instagram. The photo will now be saved in your camera roll, so just edit it as your normally would for any other Instagram post.

Edit, Credit, and Share!

Finally, it is time to give your chosen photo a little touch of magic which is where your creative editorial skills will come in handy. Also, you need to remember to give the original poster the props they deserve. So, we suggest typing “@ + [username]” to credit the original poster. Then click “Share”. Refer to the image below to ensure you have done it all right. Now you’re done!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned the Byter guide on how to repost on Instagram. Now you can share your newfound marketing techniques with your family, friends, and Instagram business community. Diversify yourself using the methods above, and we want to see your progress so make sure to tag us!

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