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Video email is simply the use of email to send videos. The use of video email is powerful since it helps your business stand out in your audience’s inbox. In this case, video amplifies email’s natural and organic traffic by effectively engaging with, and capturing the attention of your audience. These could be promotional sends, newsletters, and more!

But how does video email make your audience happier?

Vidyard recently sponsored a small cognitive neuroscience-based study that found video emails made business professionals feel happier. Also, Email Insider reported that the participants even remembered them better!

The study involved 39 business professionals who were monitored via EEG (brainwaves), ECG (heart rate), GSR (skin conductivity), eye tracking, and other sensors to assess their responses as they viewed the emails. 

Firstly, they were shown an inbox containing a set of seven emails. The first and last three were in text format. However, the fourth email was a one-minute video from a co-worker who was explaining corporate gifting options. 

The participants began to read the text emails, but their brains only indicated a negative state. On the other hand, the participant’s mood brightened when they watched the video email. Next, participants saw two emails (one text and one video) containing a sales pitch for a software product that reduces background noises during video calls. The video voiceover used the same words as the text email. Nonetheless, the text version only prompted anxious feelings, whilst the video version triggered reactions of happiness and positivity. This was definitely higher on arousal and valence scales.

Later, 59% of the group could remember details from the video email, whilst only 46% could recall details from the text version. Incredible, right?

Now I guess you’re wondering, “how can I use video emails to make my audience happy?”

Well, I will explain this to you below! So keep reading my fellow Digital Marketers!



An email campaign is a great way for you guys to contact multiple people, reach out to subscribers, and provide relevant content and offers for your audience.

But why is this is so important to us? 

Well, obviously because it is an easy way to build deep and trusting relationships with your customers, drive traffic, and showcase your brand

So, how can you make your emails stand out from the crowd? 

It’s simple! Video marketing is the path to take! So, I’ll break down a video marketing plan which will prepare you to make your own professional and perfectly pleasing video emails.



In this first step of your plan, you need to think about the aim is for your email. So, you need to establish what your overall goal is. Think about what’s the most you want to get out of this email?

For some guidance, here are some common examples:

  • Promote your brand 
  • Invite subscribers to your event 
  • Feature case studies or testimonials 
  • Offer tutorials or learning experiences 
  • Demo a product or service 


Now, you need to create your video. This is your time to get inspired, and get creative! Typically you could hire a professional or freelancer. Or, you could just do it yourself.



Now that you have established your goal and created your inviting and appealing video. It’s time to consider how you will be promoting it.

But how do you go about doing this?

Well, it’s fabulously easy! Here are the 3 main options for promoting your video email: 

  • Embed in the email 

This option is particularly for those subscribers who are using certain email clients. 

  • Host on a landing page 

This option is extremely beneficial in driving traffic. For example, Porsche is promoting a new “Art of Drive” initiative.

  • Upload to a digital platform

This final option is ideal if you want to share information, or don’t need a landing page. 



Well done! You have made it this far, which means you have the tools to successfully create and promote your video.

But do you want to add a touch of magic to your video emails?

Of course, you do! So here you go: 


An animated gif is a moving picture that is comprised of a series of frames (no more than 6 or 7). They are very easy to make and can be done on various websites such as Toonator, GIFMaker, and Photoshop.

Animated Gifs are an effective method for livening up your content. 

Leave your customers smiling for the rest of the day!

NOTE: There is a Digital Marketing community here waiting for you if you need more support in your animated gifs. Good luck!



Cinemagraphs are a blend between videos and photographs. It is similar to a looping video, but only one part of the image moves. Cinemagraphs can be created through websites such as Flixel, Wistia, or Photoshop.

Cinemagraphs are advantageous in creating very life-like and 3D video clips which are engaged and engrossing. Have a go at it, and start wowing your customers!



Through Interactive Content Marketing, a user can actively engage with and manipulate your brand’s content. These could come in the form of quizzes, calculators, or even infographics. 

So, why are these appealing to your audience?

Well, that’s simple! Interactive Content allows your customers to take control, and get involved in your brand’s message. This in return will 

Different types of interactive content: 

This can be done easily through websites such as Apester, SnapApp, Ion Interactive, and Playbuzz.

An example of this is Hallmark’s new online tool which allows their customers to find the perfect card.

These attractive accessories should allow you to increase your click rates, enhance engagement, and most importantly make your audience happier.

Overall, Video Marketing is valuable to us Digital Marketers since it encourages social media engagement, glamorises your customer’s experience, and drives higher traffic. It’s pretty irresistible, right?

So, hurry up and get started!


Congratulations! You have just been taught a detailed Byter guide on using video email to make your customers happier. Now it’s time to craft your own video marketing plan which will bring your email engagement to the next level. Don’t forget to let your family and friends know about your newfound skills from a London Digital Marketing Agency. Also, be sure to let us know how you do on your Video Email Marketing path. We’d love to hear about it!



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