What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research

What is Keyword Research

Keyword Research is important to your business and this is something you are going to want to know more about.

What is Keyword Research? (And Why Is It Important?)

Keyword research is the process of discovering & validating popular words and phrases that people are using in search engines.

When you do research, you can find what phrases are popular (that get search volume) and valuable (that are likely to lead to conversion).

How Does Keyword Research Work?

Keyword research is crucial for SEO success. Before we get into all the details of research, here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Step 1: Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

This process often starts with brainstorming keyword ideas around what you think people would search when they are looking for your products and services.

Looking at competitor websites is another way that people can get good keyword ideas.

Step 2: Validate & Expand Your Ideas With A Keyword Research Tool

Next, you can use one of the many keyword tools to validate and expand your lists and discover other related keywords that people are using.

You’ll be able to see lots of vital information like keyword volume (to see how many people are searching per month), CPC (to see how much people are paying when they advertise on that keyword), and competition.

Step 3: Select Your Keywords

After creating a list of keywords and analysing the list, you can choose keywords to target so that they can drive search engine traffic to your website.

You’ll want to consider factors like search volume, search intent, SEO competition, and keyword value.

Step 4: Optimise Your Website

The last step is to Optimise your website for the keywords.

This may include including them in your title tags, descriptions, and on your page. It also might mean you need to create an entirely new page.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is important because it will help you discover valuable keywords that people are actually searching for.

Without validating these keywords, you’ll miss out on large opportunities for search traffic!

So what happens if you don’t do proper keyword research?

First, you could waste a lot of time and resources targeting keywords that are too competitive to rank for.

Or the keywords that you target might not send you enough traffic to be worthwhile.

You may also find that keywords that you are targeting don’t convert into paying customers, or you could lose out on valuable traffic if you overlook certain keywords.

Doing proper keyword research enables marketers to make sure that they get a good return on investment for their SEO efforts.


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