Simple SEO Strategies for Your Business

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an incredibly important aspect of digital marketing. Every business website is affected by the science behind SEO, and thus, knowing how to optimize your SEO is crucial to growing your business.

Optimizing your SEO metrics determines how likely your website will appear on a search engine. For instance, if you’re a local cake shop if your website has good SEO, then when someone searches for wedding cakes in your area your website will appear at the top of a search on Google or any other search engine.

Many digital marketing teams make the mistake of ignoring SEO and putting more time into perfecting the content and aesthetics of their websites. While having a useful and beautiful website is important, if no one sees it, how valuable is it really? Any SEO agency will explain that maintaining favorable SEO metrics can be a driving factor in growing your business.

While SEO strategies can be intimidating for those in content creation, they can be quite simple. Here are a few easy steps to optimizing your SEO strategy for your digital marketing efforts.

Publish Relevant Content

The first step of any good SEO strategy is making sure your content creation is up to par. This not only means that you are creating content that can be found on the internet, like landing pages, articles, about us pages, and more, but also that the content being created is relevant to your business and industry.

Keyword Search

The best way to ensure that your content can be found is by understanding the keywords that are most relevant to your business or industry. Keyword searches help you identify which words or phrases people are searching that are related to your content creation.

If you’re a pool cleaner from Bristol looking to boost your local SEO, you may want to include keywords like “Bristol landscaping”, “Best landscaping in Bristol”, or “lawn repair Bristol” somewhere on your website.

There are plenty of ways to find keywords to help your digital marketing strategy. Many people use programs like Google Analytics or Keywords Explorer to identify which keywords would help optimize their SEO.

Create Content for Search Intent

When people come across your business on Google, it is because they are generally searching for something specific. Whether that is the best prices on used cars or life insurance agents near me, the types of searches people will use for your product or service matter.

The best way to determine search intent that makes sense for you to include in your content creation is to look at the top results for a specific keyword. For instance, if you google life insurance, you will see questions like “What is life insurance and how does it work?” If your website can include this question and answers to the question, your SEO is likely to improve

Provide On-Page SEO

The content of your web pages matters, but so does the webpage title, URL, and meta description. These are snippets of website information that search engines look at to optimize their search queries.

In this regard, the most important is to make sure your on-page SEO is descriptive and relevant. For instance, the URL should not be a string of random numbers and letters, but rather the title of your webpage. The same logic should be applied to all applicable areas.

Expand Your SEO Strategy

Now that you have the basics of your SEO strategy in place, the next step is to expand your digital marketing strategy to continue being effective. Perfecting your SEO strategy is a constant battle of keyword searches and social media strategies. The problem with SEO is that keywords that lead to clicks can decline over time. That is why expanding and diversifying your keywords is recommended by even the Best SEO London agency.

Broaden Your Relevant Keywords

Keywords can often become overused in common industries. The only way to continue sticking out amongst the competition is to update your keywords regularly and track which keywords are trending and popular. There are plenty of free sites like Wordtracker that allow you to stay vigilant on what keywords are best for your SEO strategy.

Pick Keywords That Are Valuable

Not every keyword is equal, and some are going to be more valuable than others. And to even complicate matters more, the values of keywords can change constantly. While many people look for most used keywords, programs like Google Analytics can show you the number of conversions certain keywords have. Comparing both metrics will help you perfect your digital marketing strategy and ultimately grow your business.

Analyse and Optimise Your SEO Strategy

There is no such thing as a perfect digital marketing strategy but the definition of what is perfect is constantly changing. Keyword popularity rises and falls, trends change, and thus, your content creation strategy needs to remain agile.

Cover All Relevant Keywords

When reviewing your content creation, you should analyze all related keywords to your content. While the keywords you used are likely towards the top of the list, if you’re not using all the keywords that perform well, you are effectively leaving money on the table. That is why it’s best to use as many keywords as possible, as much as possible, to close the gaps in your content.

Optimize Your On-Page SEO

Similar to updating and reviewing your content’s keywords, the on-page SEO items like URL, meta descriptions, and website title should be regularly checked.

Add Internal Links

One of the best digital marketing strategies for boosting your SEO and engagement is by including internal links wherever possible Adding links to your website pages helps boost the page rank, which in turn, boosts your SEO. Further, more internal links mean more time spent on your website (dwell time), which boosts user engagement and your SEO as well.

SEO Can Be Simple

While the world of digital marketing is littered with industry jargon that can confuse people, the reality is that SEO can be simpler than it seems. By following a few basics tips from above, you can quickly put your website on the front page of Google in no time.

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