What are the Best Social Media Platforms for 2022?

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for 2022?

No matter what business or industry you work in, mastering your digital marketing strategy is crucial for maintaining healthy growth and protecting your revenue. Digital marketing experts like the best London social media marketing agency understand that for businesses to have an online presence, reach new audiences, and engage with their customers, they need to be active on social media.

Many digital marketing teams have difficulty with which social media platform to prioritize for their operations. While there are plenty of platforms to choose from, most digital marketing teams choose from a select few as they are the most popular and contribute the most to securing your online footprint. According to the best London content creators, here are some of the social media platforms to focus on.


Whether you like Facebook or not, you can’t deny that it’s the most popular and widely used social media platform out there. Its popularity is so widespread that in many developing countries people think of Facebook and the internet as one and the same.

Not only is Facebook the most popular social media platform, but it offers businesses the most capabilities when it comes to engaging with their audience. Through Facebook, businesses can create their own pages, groups, events, posts, videos, stories, and more.

Any business looking to use Facebook and become a better content creator should aim to get likes on their posts and pages, and for people to share their posts. This type of engagement will help your business become more searchable on Facebook and the internet overall.


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is like the cooler younger sibling to Facebook. Instagram has a younger audience, and the type of content creation is more focused on just stories, posts, and short-form videos. Instagram allows businesses to truly connect with their audience and share their brand story.

Instagram is great for brands that sell products online. According to research, more than 72% of Instagram followers have purchased a product found directly on Instagram. Instagram is also great for service-focused businesses that can share videos, posts, and testimonials of why their service is better than the competition. When consumers are researching businesses, brands, or celebrities, Instagram is often the first place they look.


LinkedIn is the social media platform meant for the business world. The majority of the content you will see on LinkedIn has a professional tone and is meant as a place for professionals to meet, share their thoughts, and promote their business.

For businesses in the B2B space, this is where much of their advertising and content creation efforts are focused. However, any business or brand can use LinkedIn to connect with other businesses and professionals seeking to collaborate or learn about each other with a more professional focus.

You will see less funny and entertaining content on LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms. However, every business should have a LinkedIn page and every worker in your organization should have a completed LinkedIn profile.


Twitter is the king of short form written content. In many ways, Twitter has replaced traditional news since everyone from news outlets, political leaders, and international corporations use Twitter as their main vehicle to publish press releases, current events, and any other timely news.

When it comes to businesses using Twitter, the main goal is to engage with local and relevant trends and hashtags and boost your own SEO. Digital marketing teams should tweet daily, by incorporating popular hashtags, engaging with local businesses and accounts, and sharing links to their website.


When it comes to video content, short or long, YouTube is king. YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine (Google is 1st and owns YouTube) and has more than 100 hours of video content uploaded every minute. YouTube is another great tool to improve a businesses’ SEO while also building its brand story.

YouTube is home to all lengths of video content but is best used as a home for long-form video content for businesses. Videos that are +5-minutes are great for testimonials, product demonstrations, interviews, and more. YouTube gives digital marketing teams a lot of creative room to engage with audiences and expand their reach within their target market.


TikTok is the rising star of the social media world. Many of the best content creators have found their success through TikTok. TikTok is used mainly for videos under one minute in length and is a great tool for digital marketing teams. Many businesses such as Microsoft, Nike, and Duolingo make content that is a mix of brand storytelling and following internet trends that are not related to their business at all.

The point of TikTok is to get views and likes on your page to gain traction for your profile. Aside from large corporations, many small businesses and entrepreneurs have become wildly famous by consistently posting and using the algorithm to get more followers, thus growing their audience. Since TikTok is focused on short form content and rewards users who post regularly (3-5 times daily), it’s best to create a social media calendar to maximize your potential on TikTok.


Pinterest is essentially the library of the internet. Here, users can find everything from holiday gift lists to the best workout equipment, to recipe ideas, and DIY projects. Pinterest is great for businesses because it rewards both quantity and quality by focusing on posts that garner the most engagement and not the most recent.

For businesses that rely heavily on e-commerce, Pinterest is a must. Pinterest allows businesses to create posts, known as ‘Pins’, and link their own websites or promotional links right to the picture or video. Pinterest is an incredibly effective way to have your content creation draw traffic to your website.

Don’t Rely on Just One

SEO experts like those from the best London social media agency understand that digital marketing strategies must be diverse for content creation to be effective. Businesses therefore should not just choose one social media platform, but multiple.

The great thing about choosing more than one social media platform is that the content used for one can be used for the other! It’s not only ok for there to be overlap, but it’s highly encouraged. Different consumers prefer different social media platforms, so it’s crucial to post on multiple platforms regularly in order to optimize your digital marketing strategy.

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