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App Development

Build with Byter

Build enterprise mobile applications for your business, easily, quickly but most importantly effectively. Custom Apps are one of the best ways to engage with your audience with mobile notification having one of the highest open rates in the market. Start your journey.

App Development

Build your very own custom app for IOS & Android

Our app development platform is open source meaning any existing features can be customised and tailored to your needs. Either develop and build your own app using our Build with Byter or reach out to our custom app development team who can build any feature for your business.

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Build your App today!

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Why Build with Byter vs. Developing Your App From Scratch?

Don't worry about complex infrastructure

We take an overview of your business, to find out what is working (and what’s not working) and devise a plan. We combine our idea and create campaigns that are going to get your noticed through using the latest technology, trends and techniques.

Massive time to market advantages

We will improve your Search Engine optimisation and get more organic traffic to your website. We use micro-strategies to make a big impact on your business.

Fewer tradeoffs between quality and speed

When building a mobile app, everyone faces the constraints of quality, price, and speed. When you’re building an app on your own, it can be hard to align development resources in a way that gets you the app you want within your budget constraints. With Build Byter’s App maker we give you an unfair advantage in this equation. Our app maker saves you a significant amount of time by leveraging existing features, immediately leading to cost savings, and since these features are utilized by thousands of apps, you can rely on the quality of development.

Minimize risk

Unfortunately, app development doesn’t always go as planned for many people. What you think you’re getting might be wildly different than what you end up with. With the ability to rapidly prototype with our app builder, we’re able to show you upfront what type of app you’re going to get.

Manage your app without a developer

Usually, an app management dashboard is an afterthought for most people building their app from the ground up. Normally you would have to get a developer involved for every little change you’d like to make with your app. With Build with Byter, that is a core element of the experience. Even if we end up developing custom functionality for you.

Build with Byter

Unlike Any Other App Builder or Low-code Development Platform In The Market

Not all app makers are created equal. You’re often faced with the choice of cookie-cutter app builders that only offer limited functionality and no way to build custom features or enterprise low-code development platforms that are incredibly expensive and require a great deal of technical expertise. With Byter we combine the simplicity of DIY app development with all the power of fully custom app development.


Build with Byter

Rapid Prototyping and Real Time Preview

Quickly add functionality to your app with our click and edit app builder. It makes prototyping a breeze and allows you to rapidly experiment with new ideas and designs. We have a real-time app previewer in our app builder that updates instantly as you make changes in the editor.

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App development

The only DIY app creator that won’t box you in. Leverage the Byter’s SDK to create any custom functionality for your app with no limitations! Integrate with any third-party API or device levels integrations such as iBeacon and GPS.

Build with Byter

Developer SDK For Limitless Functionality

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